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The sinkhole that swallowed my life

Today I am missing my sweet love.
I gave him one last squeeze and said goodbye on this day, two years ago.
I will forever love you, Rob Keenan, you were the best man, husband and father, I have ever met.
❤ U 4Eva cushy!

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Sitting  expressionless on the edge of the sinkhole that just swallowed my life, staring into the abyss, without clear emotion, just static, deaf brain fuzz. I’m thinking… I’ve been here once before. this moment of confusion and disbelief, a moment when shit becomes real, yet it feels like it’s happening in an alternate universe and to someone else…. a moment of amputation and final separation, a moment when life, the way you knew it just few seconds ago, permanently seizes to exist.

Usually, when you hear someone fall or have an accident, it is often immediately followed by a yell, a scream, a moan, or call for help.
But, when you hear a dreadful fall, behind a porch wall, and a locked door, and while you run for the keys to rip that door open, to reach the love of your life, when there is no sound, no commotion, no…

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  1. Lovely bloog you have here

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