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These are not tears, it’s just rain.

I chaperoned my daughter’s field trip to the poetry foundation yesterday. I got to school early, so I waited in the vestibule until her class was ready to go. I sat down on the bench and observed kids rushing in, running late. They were so cute, rain coats, boots and mini umbrellas, giant backpacks of all colors, bouncing up and down as they rushed in… As soon as they entered […]

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Oh, just set those 65 pounds down anywhere.

My daughter is almost 8, and one of the most intoxicating, euphoric things I stupidly still do with her, is carry her around in my arms every chance I get. I carry her to bed at night, I carry her out of bed in the morning and I pick her up spontaneously when ever the opportunity presents itself or she does something insanely cute. This need for carrying my offspring […]

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