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baby lottery

My life was permanently altered 8 years ago today. It was the day my late husband said to me with greatest conviction that we just won baby lottery!4530_109626130258_4271293_n(1)

Since that day my life is filled with deepest meaning, most intense love and brightest light, and I cannot imagine having a different purpose or a different path other than the one I share with my juicy, my sweet Sashe!

Here is a very special song for my girl, on her special day. It’s her favorite, the first song she ever sang out-loud, word for word, when she wrapped my heart in her sweet gentle voice and made me fall in love forever.

Happy Birthday love, I adore you!


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5 replies

  1. Beautifull. Precious. Joyfull.

  2. What a powerful thing to say! A nice post. 🙂

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