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4530_109626140258_3698659_n(1)Today, I received the first letter from the recipient of one of Rob’s organs.
For the last 2 years, I anxiously awaited receiving this letter, not knowing how I would feel when it finally reached me.
The Gift of Hope organization, handled the recipient to donor family communication in the most sensitive and caring manner. I had a choice not to open it, they didn’t leave it to a chance discovery, they explained everything, and left me to decide if and when I would read this letter.
I knew this moment would come eventually, I knew I would be emotional, but I didn’t have the slightest inkling how I would really feel. I was only mentally prepared for finally knowing for sure that small physical parts of Rob, my sweet love, still live out there, in someone, they never died, they still take in the oxygen, blood still rushes through. His DNA is now merged with another, and is still alive!
The man who carries my husband’s kidney is 55, married with 2 kids and a grandson. His family and him went through agonizing 7 year wait for a matching kidney and through dialysis, before receiving Rob’s gift of hope and new life.
During this most challenging wait time, the man devoted his efforts to caring for his family, his home and his many plants and vegetables. He feels much better now, and he is recovering well. He walks 2 hours every morning and is getting ready to start working again!
I am endlessly proud of my love! My dear husband believed in kindness, saving lives and making a difference in as many lives as he could touch in his short life. And so he did. ❤

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