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the price of coffee in Lilliput

My passionate love affair with coffee began long before I was old enough to participate in its worship. Even as early as diaper age, I was completely entranced by the dark roasted matter and intense adult obsession with it, and it still represents one of my strongest, cherished, early childhood memories. But it was not just any coffee that I fell in love with, it was the black, intimidating, aromatic, […]

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I’m so gonna unblock U!

In this grub of life, I’ve been chewing on massive life lessons for breakfast, digesting serious set-backs for lunch, and devouring big life changes for dinner, washing it all down with soul-grow and burping up the most enthralling 44 years of delicious metamorphic existence. Some people are go-getters, some self-entitled grabbers, me, from my babyness and all the way to this womaness, I have been the eager change seeker, the […]

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the piano teacher and the black stig against my “salad days”

It was around the time my mother purchased my first bra, that she suddenly started insisting on my taking piano lessons, at home. We did not own a piano but that posed no problem, because we were getting one! I was already hormonally stupefied enough to notice any correlation or smell her conspiracy. But even if I did, experience has thought me that when my mother was determined like that, […]

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