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beautifully wrapped grotesques

Two girlfriends were having lunch at the table next to us. One was very tall and stunningly beautiful. She looked like a super model, peeled from the page of a fashion magazine, and plopped onto a chair next to us. Her skin was glowing in exotic shade of flawless pale coco, her body was elegant and graceful, her posture was royal. The way her fingers wrapped around her glass, or […]

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The math equation of beauty

“She is beautiful, she looks like a girl” said my doctor, while visiting the recovery room, just few hours after I gave birth to our daughter. I remember staring at her porcelain cheeks and face, trying to discover what exactly was so obviously girlish about her. Her lips? Her eyelashes? What? She was cute to me, but I don’t remember being all smitten when I looked at her, like, wow, […]

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Can you make me fall in love with you?

I had a silly banter with a close male friend recently. We enjoy hanging out with each other and we both agreed early on not to let a relationship or sexual intimacy meddle with our friendship, so we keep it out of our friendship. Occasionally, my friend would call me up, after having had few drinks and would blubber about how he does not know if he will ever want […]

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