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the price of coffee in Lilliput

My passionate love affair with coffee began long before I was old enough to participate in its worship. Even as early as diaper age, I was completely entranced by the dark roasted matter and intense adult obsession with it, and it still represents one of my strongest, cherished, early childhood memories. But it was not just any coffee that I fell in love with, it was the black, intimidating, aromatic, […]

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The sinkhole that swallowed my life

Sitting  expressionless on the edge of the sinkhole that just swallowed my life, staring into the abyss, without clear emotion, just static, deaf brain fuzz. I’m thinking… I’ve been here once before. this moment of confusion and disbelief, a moment when shit becomes real, yet it feels like it’s happening in an alternate universe and to someone else…. a moment of amputation and final separation, a moment when life, the […]

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