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my love’s gift of hope

Today, I received the first letter from the recipient of one of Rob’s organs. For the last 2 years, I anxiously awaited receiving this letter, not knowing how I would feel when it finally reached me. The Gift of Hope organization, handled the recipient to donor family communication in the most sensitive and caring manner. I had a choice not to open it, they didn’t leave it to a chance […]

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Slippery Soap of Love

Our first love shack was a tiny vintage studio apartment with exposed brick walls. It was utterly charming, snugly space which we intimately shared and cherished for our first two years together. We never noticed the space constraint, nor surrounding urban decay, we didn’t care if it took over an hour to find parking and bring groceries home, we did it together. It didn’t faze us that we didn’t own […]

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Full spectrum love

I had an interesting conversation with a friend recently. We talked about the way he sees girls having expectations that everything is always smooth and happy in the relationship and their interactions are perfectly synced and understood. And if not, the tension kicks in and then it stops being fun. It made me reminisce about the multidimensional, natural, ebb and flow I experienced in my 15 year marriage. As a […]

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