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Electric Dreams of my Commodore 64

I was cleaning up my daughter’s smudgy, sticky fingerprints from my laptop screen today, it made me think about how my 7 year old not only has internet and touchscreen as her birthright but she cannot imagine the world without the basic technology she grew up with since her infancy. It comes so intuitive to her that she instinctively goes for my laptop screen and is surprised to see that […]

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The sinkhole that swallowed my life

SittingĀ  expressionless on the edge of the sinkhole that just swallowed my life, staring into the abyss, without clear emotion, just static, deaf brain fuzz. I’m thinking… I’ve been here once before. this moment of confusion and disbelief, a moment when shit becomes real, yet it feels like it’s happening in an alternate universe and to someone else…. a moment of amputation and final separation, a moment when life, the […]

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Can you make me fall in love with you?

I had a silly banter with a close male friend recently. We enjoy hanging out with each other and we both agreed early on not to let a relationship or sexual intimacy meddle with our friendship, so we keep it out of our friendship. Occasionally, my friend would call me up, after having had few drinks and would blubber about how he does not know if he will ever want […]

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