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These are not tears, it’s just rain.

I chaperoned my daughter’s field trip to the poetry foundation yesterday. I got to school early, so I waited in the vestibule until her class was ready to go. I sat down on the bench and observed kids rushing in, running late. They were so cute, rain coats, boots and mini umbrellas, giant backpacks of all colors, bouncing up and down as they rushed in… As soon as they entered […]

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Sashimi <3 pizza

Many things bring smile to my little girl’s face. One of them causes just that extra special smirk, and by extension leaves just that extra special squeeze to my heart, and it’s Eataly’s pizza. She usually sits right at the cold and shiny marble counter, inches away from the pizza master, carefully observing his craft and every move. Her and the pizza master Google-eye each other, he makes her feel […]

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