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Juicy’s Pyramidal Joy


Nohoch Mul Pyramid, Coba, Quintana Roo

She said this place, this pyramid, felt completely familiar to her, as if she has been up here many times before. She said Chichen’itza did not feel that way at all.
Glued to the step where we sat down, she begged me to stay as long as we could. She looked like she could not contain the overwhelming feelings she was experiencing, it was visible all over her face, her whole body, the air around her, she was glowing with excitement!
On a tricycle taxi ride back through the ancient jungle, we hugged tightly, she held my hands between us and she told me that she never felt such powerful feelings before while sitting on this pyramid with me, she said she felt pure JOY!
I believe her, she never used that word before, and she sounded mighty convincing for her age! 😉
I was incredibly fortunate to be there with her. That was a moment with juicy to cherish forever!
#PerfectMoment #PureJoy #CobaMexico #NohochMulPyramidCoba

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